The restaurant was full, with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda standing outside the barrier

The restaurant was full, with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda standing outside the barrier Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern & Fellow Clark Gafford

News Desk (Channel TT): Coronavirus is now a normal part of life in New Zealand. A lot of things have opened, including restaurants. However, some rules have to be followed. After living a captive life for many days, many people are rushing to restaurants. Fellow Clark Gafford was also taken by the country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. They were barred from entering as the restaurant quota was full. However, after standing for a few minutes, the place matched inside.

According to the Guardian, Olive Restaurant is limiting the number of New Zealand customers to 100 at the same time due to coronavirus maintaining social distance. Jacinda was prevented from entering the cafe in the capital Wellington with her partner Clark Gafford on Saturday holiday. When Jacinda Ardern and Clark Gafford visit that restaurant, the restaurant is full, that is, 100. They were prevented from entering the restaurant. You have to stand outside for a while. Many were standing outside at the time. However, Jacinda entered the restaurant after 15 minutes.

A person named Joyi tweeted about the incident on Saturday afternoon. He tweeted, ‘Oh my God! Jacinda had just arrived at Olive Restaurant. He was not allowed in as the restaurant was full. '

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
His tweet quickly spread through social media. Many people made various comments. A few hours later, Clark Gafford responded to the tweet. "I should have booked," he said, taking responsibility for the embarrassing situation. I didn't do that. '

A spokesman for the New Zealand Prime Minister's Office told the Guardian that it was "normal" for anyone to enter a cafe at this time as a result of following government guidelines to avoid coronavirus infection. And the Prime Minister said he was waiting like everyone else.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand was finally able to enter the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant said that the manager in charge had returned the Prime Minister and his companion at the time of the incident, but after a few minutes (15 minutes) when a table was empty, the manager arranged for the Prime Minister to sit down. The Prime Minister has treated the waiters like ordinary people.
Source: The Guardian