A huge asteroid 52768 is rushing towards the Earth's orbit

A huge asteroid 52768 is rushing towards the Earth's orbit

News Desk (Channel TT): As time goes on, there is growing concern in the scientific community. A huge asteroid is speeding up to 31,319 kilometers per hour. Scientists say it is several times larger than Mount Everest. If it hits any part of the world, it could cause a natural disaster, NASA said.

The asteroid named 'Astroid 52768 will flow out of the Earth's orbit on Wednesday afternoon. If the asteroid collides with the earth in any way, millions of people could die. Many countries will be destroyed in a few moments.

NASA also said that if the asteroid is moving at the right speed and path, then the world need not panic. The asteroid will travel about 62.90 million kilometers from Earth. This distance is not considered too much in space science! If for some reason its direction changes at the last minute, that is why it is said to be potentially harmful. This possibility cannot be ruled out.

However, many scientists believe that the Earth's magnetic field could change as a result of the normal progression. According to them, tomorrow is the 'fate of the world'. At the same time, some scientists believe that some parts of the world may be temporarily deprived of sunlight.

Source -Astromita , CNBC Tech