What is the germ of Covid-19 and how to eliminate it?

Corona virus: Where does it last?

Corona virus: Where does it last?

Desk Report (Channel TT): The infection of the coronavirus is creating a kind of fear among people about the catch of various objects. People around the world are now trying to open doors with their elbows, not holding up the stairs or getting down, and standing without a handle while they are on the bus, washing their desks with germs when they arrive at the office.

Efforts are on to disinfect the areas where the virus has been transmitted by spraying transport, road roads and parks. The same way is cleaning up office courts, hospitals, shops, restaurants.

What's on the droplet:
The covid-19 virus can be transmitted by the water particles or droplets that come out of the air during coughing and coughing of a person with a corona virus.Scientists say that 3,000 droplets can be removed from coughing at once.

The droplet can be read on the other side, on the clothes and the surrounding objects. However, some small particles can also be in the air. It is found that the virus can live longer in the rectum. The virus can spread more often by touching his hand without washing his hands properly from the toilet.

The Us Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the virus can spread if it touches the hand after touching something that is in the grip of the virus. This is not the main way to get infected with the virus.

Other health authorities, including the World Health Organization, say that it is possible to prevent the infection of the corona virus by re-washing hands and also re-infecting the things that are being detected.

Life of the corona virus:
It is still unclear how long the covid-19 germ-canes can survive outside the human body.
Some studies have shown that other corona viruses, such as SARS and mars, can survive for up to nine days on iron, glass and plastics.

Some viruses may also survive 28 days in cold conditions.

Niltz fan Dormalen, a virologist at the National Institutes of Health in the United States, conducted research with colleagues to see how long the Cov-2 virus can survive. It shows that the virus can survive for up to three hours in the droplet after coughing. In the small droplet, which is 1 to 5 micrometers (30 times the size of human hair), the sars virus survives for hours.

However, research has shown that the Cove-2 virus can last 24 hours on hard objects like cardboard and plastic items for two to three days. Research says the virus can live long on door handles, plastic and laminated worktops and hard objects. And if you fall into a copper object, it may take four hours to die.

Ways to eliminate:
Research has shown that the coronavirus can be disabled in a minute. 62-71% alcohol mixed liquids can help to free up any thing.

The corona virus can also be eliminated with a bleach mixed with 0.5 percent hydrogen preoxide and 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.
Other corona viruses can also die quickly due to high temperatures and humidity.
It has been found that the corona virus responsible for the virus cannot survive at temperatures above 56 degrees Celsius.

How long does the covid-19 germ survive:
Scientists say the virus responsible for covid-19 can survive depending on which type of object it is covered.

Hard stuff like door handles, elevator buttons and kitchen worktops can last for about 48 hours. However, previous research has shown that all types of corona viruses can survive for a week in a supportive environment.

But it cannot survive for such a long time on soft things like clothes.

So if the clothes you wear and the virus is there, the virus is not likely to survive if it is not worn for a day or two.

Remember, you won't be infected if you touch something that is in fected with the Covid-19 virus. Only if you touch your face, nose or eyes with your hand after you touch it, the virus will enter your body. So one of the important things to prevent this virus is not touching your face with your hands. "